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1.  Colorado Springs Mobile Notary Public

Colorado Springs mobile Notary (traveling notary) service, 24/7 by appointment, or for hospital or nursing home emergency.  ABC Legal Docs, LLC, Jerry Lucas, Colorado Springs Mobile Notary Public, serves Colorado Springs and El Paso County.  As a mobile notary, we drive to your location at home, office, business, law firm, hospital, nursing home or Starbucks during the day, evening, Saturday, Sunday*, or holiday.


Jerry Lucas Trusted Notary Colorado Springs

The Notary fee is $5 for each notarized signature, plus a mobile notary travel fee from our location (Colorado Springs zip code 80918).  The travel fee is separate from the notary fee, and is not specified or mandated by law.  There are extra fees outside of normal business hours, for Sundays, holidays, or for extra time, services or expenses. 

1A. Colorado Springs Mobile Notary Travel Fee Schedule:

(See our Fee Schedule for full details of our Colorado Springs mobile notary fees)  

Zone 0, $10
: at Burger King (4241 Austin Bluffs 80918) or McDonald's (4310 Barnes Rd 80917)

Zone 1, $15: 80909, 80915, 80917, 80918, 80922, 80923, or Starbucks (4272 N Academy)

Zone 2, $20: 80903, 80905, 80907, 80910, South Powers 80916, Briargate 80920, Cordera 80924, Banning Lewis 80927, Hwy 94 80929, 80938, 80939, 80951, 80970

Zone 3, $25: 80904, 80906 (east of Nevada Ave), Black Forest 80908 (south of Shoup Rd), Security/Widefield 80911, Peterson 80914, Rockrimmon 80919 (east of Centennial Blvd), south Marksheffel 80925, Fountain 80817, Falcon 80831, Air Force Academy 80840

Zone 4, $30: Manitou Springs 80829, Fort Carson 80902, Broadmoor 80906 (west of Nevada Ave), Black Forest 80908 (north of Shoup Rd), Schriever AFB 80912, Fort Carson 80913, Rockrimmon/Mountain Shadows 80919 (west of Centennial Blvd), Northgate/Gleneagle 80921, Hanover 80928, Hwy 94/Schriever 80930, Monument 80132, Woodmoor 80132


Extended Travel $35: Palmer Lake 80133, Peyton 80831, Ellicott 80808, Rock Creek 80926

Extended Travel $40: Cascade 80809, Green Mountain Falls 80819, Calhan 80808, Yoder 80864, Larkspur 80118

Extended Travel $50: Woodland Park 80863, Castle Rock 80104, Elbert 80106, Rush 80833, Simla 80835

Extended Travel $60: Divide 80814, Elizabeth 80107, Kiowa 80117, Pueblo 81003, Pueblo West 81007, Penrose 81240, Florence 81226, Cañon City 81212

Extended Travel $70: Florissant 80816
Extended Travel $90: Cripple Creek 80813

1B. Colorado Springs Mobile Notary for Hospital, Medical Facility, Nursing Home, Assisted Living $25

80903 Brookdale Place-Monument Valley Park
80904 Brookdale Bear Creek, Genesis-Garden of the Gods Care Center, Brookdale Village at Skyline, MorningStar at Bear Creek

80905 Cedarwood

80906 Genesis-Cheyenne Mountain Care, Genesis-Cheyenne Place, Brookdale Broadmoor, Cedar Springs Hospital

80907 Penrose Hospital, Center at Centennial, Mackenzie Place, Springs Village Care Center, Colonial Columns, Centura Behavioral Health 

80909 Memorial Hospital Central, Medalion, Sunny Vista Living Center, Genesis-Pikes Peak Center, Centura Behavioral Health

80910 HealthSouth Rehab, Aspen Living Center, Life Care Center, AspenPointe, Union Printers Home

80917 Penrose Community Urgent Care, Parkmoor Village Health Care, Brookdale Palmer Park, Peak Vista Community Health Centers, Summit Glen

80918 Sunrise University Park, Brookdale Vista Grande

80919 Penrose St Francis Rehab 

80920 Memorial Hospital North, Brookdale Briargate

80921 Liberty Heights

80923 Saint Francis Medical Center, Select Long Term Acute Care, Peak View Behavioral Health

80924 Bonaventure


Hospital, Nursing Home, Medical Facility, Assisted Living, Senior Care Facility, $25


We provide Colorado Springs mobile notary service and 24/7 emergency notary service for patients and residents in a hospital, nursing home, medical center, surgery center, hospice, palliative care, clinic, urgent care, express care, doctor's office, family medicine, pharmacy, MMJ dispensary, therapist, rehab center, convalescent center, assisted living center, senior apartments, age 55+ community, senior center, senior care, elder care, long term care (LTC), Alzheimer's care facility, psychologist's office, mental health care, behavioral health care, alcohol and drug treatment.  


1C. Business Hours

Colorado Springs mobile notary publicOur normal Colorado Springs mobile notary business hours are 8 am-8 pm, Monday thru Saturday.  
* Sunday
morning, 8 am-noon, is reserved for emergencies, hospital and nursing home appointments.
Sunday afternoon, noon-8 pm, is available by appointment for all types of mobile notary work. 

We do not guarantee availability and may not be available. Please plan ahead to schedule appointments.


1D. Service Fees, Fee Schedule

Standard fees apply during normal business hours, Monday thru Saturday, 8 am-8 pm.  
There is a $20 extra fee for Sundays, holidays, late evenings 8-10 pm, early bird 6-8 am, rush service (less than 2 hours notice), extra time or extra services.  Mobile notary travel fees are lowest if we select a nearby meeting location, such as Starbucks, to reduce travel time.  We accept cash or check, or you may pay with a credit card or debit card using PayPal.


Colorado Springs free notary service [coupon code: Free Notary Day] (no notary fee, travel fee applies) on: 
Memorial Day (May) and Veterans Day (Nov 11) with current or retired Military ID. 
Presidents Day (Feb), Colorado Day (Aug 1), Columbus Day (Oct 12), Notary Day (Nov 7) with current Colorado ID.    


2. Reasons to Use a Colorado Springs Mobile Notary


Convenience: as a mobile notary, we drive to your location, by appointment, at a time that fits your schedule.

Save time: No waiting in line. No driving to a location only to find no notary available, or refusing to help.
No other people waiting in line watching or listening to your private transaction.

Experience: We have notary training, certifications and experience to assist you with a wide variety of legal documents.

Choice of location: as a mobile notary, we can meet at your home, business, work place, office, government office, DMV, military base, school, library, bank, lender, title company, real estate office, insurance agent, attorney, law firm, accountant, bookkeeper, tax preparer, adoption agency, hotel, motel, airport, restaurant, truck stop, McDonald's, Starbucks or other location.  

3. Form I-9, ID verification

We offer ID verification services including Form I-9 verification to employers, as your designated agent. 


4. Notary Procedure


You will need to show a satisfactory form of identification, issued by a federal or state government entity, containing your photo and signature, such as a current (not expired) Colorado driver's license or ID card (apply here) or other Secure and Verifiable ID (SVID).  To deter fraud, ultra-violet light inspection may be used to check ID cards and a thumbprint is taken.  


Your document should have all blanks filled in, a pre-printed notary certificate (jurat, oath, affirmation or acknowledgment) on it, and sufficient room for our notary stamp.  If satisfactory ID is not available, we may be able to use personal knowledge or a credible witness.


Please inform us of any special needs such as someone who is disabled, deaf, blind, unable to sign, or diagnosed with Alzheimer's, dementia, stroke, brain injury or other mental or memory impairment, or ruled legally incompetent by a court, or diagnosed as mentally incompetent by a medical professional.


Signers must be aware of the time and place of signing, coherent in conversation, not confused, able to communicate, answer questions, able to recognize family, friends and associates, not under the impaired influence of drugs, medication or alcohol, must understand the purpose of the document, may be required to take an oath or affirmation, and must sign voluntarily, not under pressure or duress.  Please complete the document, except for signatures, and locate witnesses, if needed, before we arrive, to avoid waiting time and extra charges.


Note: We may decline to notarize if the signer is confused, not fully aware, not coherent, or not responsive, or does not have proper ID.  Our travel fee is due, for our travel time and expense, even if the notarization is not completed. 


5.  >>> PAY HERE for Mobile Notary Services:

PayPal-verifiedEnter the date and your name below, then click on the Pay Now button.  On the checkout screen, enter the dollar amount and click on Update.  Then pay with a credit card or PayPal account.  Thank you.

Date of Notary Service
Your name


6.  Colorado Springs mobile notary services

7. Electronic Notarization


Jerry is a Colorado electronic notary (e-notary).  He can notarize paper documents, electronic documents (e-docs) and perform electronic closings (e-closings) for real estate transactions.  Many counties now allow electronic closings (e-closings).  

8.  Field Services: Photos, Inspections, Audio/Video Recording, Meeting Minutes 

9.  Notary for Business Documents

10.  Notary for Estate Planning, POA, Last Will, Living Trust

11.  Notary for Family Law Documents (marriage, divorce, children, adoption)

12.  Notary for Financial Documents

13.  Notary for Foreign Documents, Apostille

14.  Notary for Gun, Firearm Documents

15.  Notary for Law Firms, Legal Support

16.  Notary for Mailing Records, Delivery Records

17.  Notary for Medical Documents

18.  Notary for Motor Vehicle Documents

19.  Notary for Oath or Affirmation

20.  Notary for Petition, Election

21.  Notary for Real Estate Documents

22.  Notary for School Documents, College Documents

23.  Notary Signing Agent Services

24.  Self-Help Legal Forms

25.  Legal Advice, Legal Plans

26.  Colorado Notary Training



We offer public and private live Colorado Notary Training classes in Colorado Springs, Denver, Pueblo, and other cities on request.  We also offer Colorado Notary Training classes by teleconference to eliminate driving to class.  If you prefer self-study, you may choose our online self-study course that you can complete at any time that fits your schedule.  

Our Colorado Notary Training class will prepare you to pass the online Colorado Notary Exam, teach you Colorado notary laws and procedures, notary best practices, business tips, and includes a 36-page student training booklet filled with useful notary reference information.

27.  Notary FAQs

28.  Colorado Notary Blog


Visit our Colorado Notary Blog for many articles on 
notary topics
notary history 
legal forms
the Constitution 
small business tips
tech tips
computer security and 
much more


29. Recent Colorado Notary Blog posts


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Colorado Springs Notary, Saturday, Sunday 



ABCLegalDocs Colorado mobile notary training checklist

Thank you for visiting our website.  



Jerry Lucas, Notary Public, CEO
ABC Legal Docs, LLC
Mailbox address, no walk-in service
4164 Austin Bluffs Pkwy #101
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Cell phone: (719) 591-0433
E-mail: Jerry_Lucas @ msn.com

About Us

Jerry has completed the Colorado Notary Training course and Colorado Notary Exam, and additional notary training and loan signing agent courses from the National Notary Association (NNA), Notary2Pro, and extensive self-study of notary reference books, webinars, notary forums, notary laws and history.  


ABC Legal Docs, LLC is a state-approved Colorado Notary Training education vendor.  Jerry is a Colorado Notary Training instructor and teaches notary training classes in Colorado Springs, Denver, Pueblo and other cities.  He is a Colorado notary mentor for the NNA.  Avoid using notaries that are not trained, have not passed the notary exam, do not belong to any notary associations, and do not have a website or notary insurance.


Service Area:
We primarily serve Colorado Springs zip codes (map)  

Disclaimer: A Notary Public does not provide legal advice.

I am not an attorney licensed to practice law in the state of Colorado 
and I may not give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice. 


Jerry Lucas is not a Notario Publico.  He is a mobile Notary Public.  'No soy un Notario Publico.  Soy un Notary Public.  No hablo Español.'   
In many other countries, the word “notario” (Spanish) or "notaire" (French) means that an individual is an attorney, but that is not true in the United States.  
(See Colorado Supreme Court information explaining the difference between a Notary Public and a Notario.)  
Jerry does not speak Spanish. 
If you need a Spanish speaking Notary, or Spanish document translation services, please see AmigoBusinessServices.com.

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